Casinos Scramble to Embrace Mobile Gambling

Rapid Growth Drives Innovation

About a decade ago, bettors who wanted to gamble online had to buy an expensive computer and pay for costly high-speed Internet service.

Now, most bettors simply can get low-cost even free smartphones from cellular telephone service providers and a data plan, and they can enjoy the best of online gambling virtually anywhere. When you have a smartphone or mobile device and reliable service, the only limitations on gambling are local laws that might ban online and mobile wagering.

Gambling industry experts expect mobile gambling to account for $100 billion of the about $500 billion they expect online casino to take in during the 2017 calendar year. That’s about 20 percent more than mobile gambling generated last year.

Many free websites also support mobile gaming without the need to risk money. Popular casino games like blackjack and slots for your apple device can be played at much games and similar free websites to help prepare for actual wagering.

Video slots are easy to learn and work great with mobile devices, which feature high-definition graphics and video and digital sound for a fully immersive experience. As cellular technology continues to improve, the ability to wager nearly anywhere has become a reality for many gamblers.

Bettors can carry a virtual casino in their pocket with their smartphones, and even tablet devices are light and highly portable. Most will fit in a backpack, purse or shoulder bag, yet have screens big enough to challenge many computers and even casino video screen for quality.

The accessibility of mobile devices and continually improved access make mobile gambling a top choice for most bettors. Studies show when given the choice of using only a mobile device or using only a computer to play casino games online, nearly two-thirds of all bettors will choose mobile devices.

Clearly, the portability of smartphones, easy access, and ability to take phone calls, as well as go anywhere and still stay connected, gives mobile devices a big advantage over computers when it comes to online gambling.

Industry studies show mobile gambling grew by about 20 percent from a year ago. That’s nearly double the rate by which online gambling has grown every year since 2013.

Online betting should continue its current growth rate through 2020, according to industry experts. But that won’t be enough to prevent mobile gambling from overtaking computers as the preferred medium in the coming years.

Online casinos recognize the trend and are responding accordingly with more support for the fast-growing mobile gambling market.