History of Betting in Indonesia

Indonesia is such a nation that comprises of thousands of islands. This is what makes it unique along with the craze of gambling and betting. Betting was introduced in the country Indonesia nearly about 700 years ago. Normally, illegal gambling is not allowed as the act of betting usually conflicts with the religious practices of the country. This conflict started way back in the 14th century and prevails till date. Yet it has been seen that gambling has gained huge popularity and also there are many forms that operate against the law.

The journey

Coin and card games were the first gambling concepts that were introduced in Indonesia. It was the Chinese influence that played a major role at that time. Gambling was extremely popular in China then. It was the live casinos that played the major role then. Slowly, with the rising craze, popularity and technological advancement, the online concept came up. This made the process extremely convenient as you can play it from anywhere, anytime just with the help of a PC, smartphone, tablet etc. Many gambling websites have cropped up that allows you to play online, but you need to validate their authenticity. Agen Bola is one such online agency which was established in the year 2008. You can register here and accordingly withdraw or deposits different funds. But remember that installing a good anti-virus is something very important before you download any online casino website to save your system from getting affected form any kind of malware.

The legal aspect

The gambling laws in Indonesia are extremely strict. In 1960, when Indonesia attained independence, the laws related to gambling were a bit relaxed all over the country. This was a phase of liberalization in the world of gambling and the laws were decided locally. Then by 1973, government influenced by the religious practices of the country slowly started to withdraw the rules set locally and impose strict laws. This is the current scenario of the country where gambling is considered entirely illegal. But this doesn’t indicate that betting has come to a halt. It is very much a crime and considered as a punishable act under the law. In Indonesia, it is the Sharia Law that forbids any kind of gambling.

The future of betting in Indonesia

In spite of being restricted by the Indonesian government, online casinos have still continued to maintain their popularity amongst the general public. Here, you can play table games, bet on any kind of sports event, like any other live casinos worldwide. Horse racing is one of the most acceptable forms of gambling here, though placed primarily through underground channels. With the evolution of technology, online casinos have turned out to be a very convenient option in this present scenario. Although the gambling laws are very strict, virtual casinos like Agen Bola are flourishing in the country. Police are not able to control these online websites effectively. Hence, people comfortably continue betting from their homes safely dodging the eyes of the law and the traditional values of the country.