You can be the Next Lottery Syndicate Success Story

You might feel jealous of people who have luckily won the jackpot prize in a lottery. Imagine having hundreds upon thousands of combinations to choose from and their numbers came out on top. Given the amount that they have won, they might not even have to work for the rest of their lives.

Aside from individuals who have won the jackpot prize, there are also groups of people who have successfully won via a lottery syndicate. They formed a group to increase their chances of winning. Since there are more people in a syndicate, the amount that they have contributed was used to buy more tickets. Even if the winning amount needs to be divided among the group, it is still big, and the victory is still a cause for celebration.

Tesco workers won the jackpot

In 2014, a group of 15 female workers at Tesco had their lives changed after winning £3.6 million on a national lottery. Each of them took home over £200,000. This amount is far lower than the original jackpot prize, but it is still life changing. You can only imagine how it changed their lives; working for a supermarket one day and then suddenly have hundreds of thousands of pounds on their hands.

12 bus drivers won the lottery

In another inspiring story in 2014, 12 bus drivers from Corby, UK, won £38 million and each of them took home over £3 million. They had a great time celebrating their victory. Some of them have decided to stop driving but others still pursued the job. Nevertheless, it was a huge moment for ordinary people like them.

Anyone can win

If these inspiring stories tell us anything, it is the fact that anyone can win the lottery. The chances are increased if you join a lottery syndicate. This is just simple math. If you have more entries in a draw, your odds of winning are higher. It is better than having just one entry. You might have the winnings all to yourself, but the chances that it will happen are extremely slim.

Start forming your syndicate

You need not settle with the people you already know to form a syndicate. Check out e-luk how to play and you will realise that there are people out there who are also willing to give a syndicate a try. With the e-luk lottery syndicate, lives have been changed. Registering and being a part of a bigger group is really easy. You just need to pay your fair share as a member, and whatever amount the syndicate wins, you will have a portion of it. Good luck!

Image: freedigitalphotos (Stuart Miles)