Banning Online Gambling In Indonesia: Latest Government Updates!

Online gaming has become extremely popular all over the world for many reasons. South Asian country Indonesia has been one of the best tourist travel destinations. However, even if it is great as a travel destination, it has strict laws against gambling.

Given that more than 85% of the population follows Islam, there have been strict laws against gambling. The government has tried all measures to block access to online gaming portals, which are developed locally and has laws which include lashing and imprisonment.

With a CAGR of over 9% projected up to 2021, the country is capable of generating revenue of $80 billion. Be it poker, slots, spins, bingo halls or any gambling vents; everything is illegal. However, there are multiple underground operations which do take place.

Gambling Banning and Its Popularity…

Gambling is still popular among Indonesians and is carried out discreetly. People are enthusiastic about the lottery, poker, and other online games which are accessed through proxy servers.

It is possible that these websites are still not blocked by the government because it escapes the filters. Moreover, foreign gambling portals do not put a stop on the registration of Indonesian Citizens.

As one of the major countries which depend on tourism as a source of income, the loopholes in banning gambling have been glaring. Even if there are officials who work round the clock to fix the issues about the gambling rules, it is still going to be an uphill task before it is realized.

Has it deterred people from indulging? Has it affected how people Goa bout trading or betting on these portals? Answering those questions is negative is the only resort. But how far would the government go to ban these online gambling sites?

It is not only gambling where people have been betting. The status quo has been challenged multiple times where the country tried to fix the rising issue during the 2012 Euro League. The government, even if strict and diligent, is not devoid of loopholes in the gambling laws. Even if experts are bestowed with the responsibility of stopping all kinds of gambling activities in the country, it still seems like a far-fetched dream.

Currently, the only legal form of gambling approved by the Social Affairs Ministry of Indonesia has allowed 8000 licenses, which roll out free lottery tickets. It regulates the overall gambling of the country.

With new laws being made every single quarter to stop the web-based gambling operations, will Indonesians get access to that Ceme online game or Poker is only a matter of tell-tale? Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query about online gambling in Indonesia or BandarQ Online.