RNGs Make Online Blackjack Superior

Nothing is more aggravating to a professional blackjack player than to have an unskilled player make a bad play that forces a bad play onto others at the gaming table.

When a player hits when he should stand, and gets a card the next player could have used, but only busts the novice, one player’s bad decision inflicted an unnecessary loss onto another at the same table.

Thankfully, that can’t happen in online blackjack games. That’s because a random number generator determines which card comes up every time. Instead of physical cards getting shuffled and then sitting in a deck to be dealt in a particular order, random number generators make each draw completely random.

Every card in the deck, no matter its value or relative location, stands an equal chance of being drawn at any given time. The purely random nature of the deal makes it impossible for one player to inflict a loss upon one or more others by making a bad decision.

Live blackjack in a traditional casino still can be a lot of fun, but it also carries some risks beyond the house advantage in the game. Players risk their health as well as their cash when playing blackjack and other games in land-based casinos. They don’t risk their health when playing at free websites like http://www.muchgames.com/casino-games/online-blackjack.

Each card dealt to players gets touched by at least the dealer and the player. If the dealer is sick, the player could become sick as well.

The same goes for the chairs, gaming chips and gaming surface. Many different players come into contact with them, and that means lots of germs getting spread.

The University of Wisconsin recently conducted a study pairing and equal number of healthy card players with those who had colds. Within a couple days, two-thirds of the healthy card players became sick.

That’s because casinos and their gambling tables are breeding grounds for germs that can make people sick. Most common are germs that cause the cold and flu. Sometimes, though, the contagion can be much worse, like Legionnaire’s disease and other life-threatening substance.

Just like the random number generator protects online players against bad plays, so, too, do online casinos protect players against bad germs and other contagions left by other players. Bettors can play against the house in one-on-one games or play at live tables with others.

But, they won’t touch the same chips, cash, cards, seats or gaming surface, among many others. That means zeros likelihood of catching the cold, flu or worse from someone else, while playing wholly random blackjack.